not today. 11/02/2010
I was supposed to start documenting my culinary genius (NOT!) yesterday but due to some unavoidable circumstances, I didn't.

For one, my phone gave up on me and I don't have a digicam cos I gave up mine. So, I'm left with a very simple, no-camera phone. Hehe.

And two, I'm out of it. I just feel so tired physically today that all I wanted to do was sleep longer.

I'll try to do better tomorrow. TRY being the operative word.

Ever since I have watched the movie Julie and Julia, I have always dreamed of starting my own "culinary journey."

Well, I already did, but I have not documented it yet.

So, I made a promise to myself that starting next week, I'll start documenting everything I'll be cooking and making.

I am excited. :)

    food love ♥