Lately, I have been scouring the internet for two things – no/low capital business ideas and recipes.

Recipes… I have been bringing baon to work and I always try to bring something appetizing or at least palatable (haha). I make it a point to come up with a weekly menu to make sure that I don’t repeat anything on a two/three-week basis. Yeah, I’m OC like that. Haha.

And since I already have a fridge, I can now stock “fresh” stuff like pork, beef, chicken, hotdog, veggies, oh the list goes on. I am so happy. Haha. At least I no longer eat canned goods everyday. :))

Since starting work, I was able to experiment with a lot of recipes and yes, I already have quite a lot tucked under my belt. Yay for me :)

So far, these are the dishes I’ve tried:
- Adobo 
- Kaldereta
- Sisig
- Picadillo
- Sinigang
- Five-spice braised pork
- Chicken and broccoli stir fry
- Grilled chicken and herbed eggplant
- Pork tapa
- Corned beef koroke
- Sardine croquettes
- Tuna in lemon butter sauce

And a whole lot more. My memory fails me. Haha. All I know is that they’ve been satisfying. For me, at least. LOL. I have also tried to make chocolate peanut butter squares and they were oh-so-awesome.

My next project is to buy a turbo broiler so that I can start baking and roasting and doing a whole lot more (wala akong pambili ng gas range eh!).

So there, that’s why I’ve been searching the net for recipes so that I can cook and make more dishes. :))

My other obsession is looking for no/low capital business ideas. It’s kinda related to my obsession above, I really want to get into something small and earn extra cash.

I have seen some sites on Multiply which are giving opportunities for those who want to become resellers. My top pick is The Perfect White Tee, Their terms are fairly reasonable and the designs are cute.

This is also the reason why I try to experiment with food and pastries. It might be my, uhm, ticket to fame. LOL.

So yes, I am bored and not really very satisfied with work. I realized that I am not getting any younger and I have to get my act together,

So friends, if you have any suggestions, do let me know. ;)

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