There are times when I just want to leave everything behind and go to a place where no one knows me.

Just like what Kafka did when he was fifteen.

But I can't.

How I wish it's an easy thing to undertake.

But it's not.

How I wish I have the strength and determination to do such a thing.

But I don't.

The most that I can do is shut myself out from the rest of the world even for just one day.

To be consumed with all the thoughts that are hammering through my mind.

To allow myself to feel the pain.

To just wallow for a moment.

Drop my guard and let the walls down.

I was about to that last weekend but some other thought stopped me.

I am scared.

Scared of what I can do to myself.

And afraid of what may come after.

Just some work-related rants...

Every trainer should know that one of the most important tools needed in training is an agenda. If the agenda is incomplete or if there’s no agenda at all, the training would definitely be chaotic.

The first two weeks of training (Communications and Culture Training) with Abi went on just fine. I can’t say it was always smooth, but at least the trainees’ expectations were always set with what we were going to do everyday.

During the first day of training, we were already provided with the agenda for the whole duration of training. It wasn’t really followed to the last bit but at least there was structure.

When Product Training started, it was okay for sometime. We were not provided an over-all agenda for the whole duration of the training. We were just given a daily agenda and unfortunately, it was almost always not followed.

I understand that there are a lot of challenges since we are just launching the campaign, however, I guess it’s also important to understand that one of the most important people involved in this situation would be the trainees. We are the front-liners and it’s an understatement to say that the success of this launch is in our hands.

It’s sad to note that while they are doing everything in their power to make sure that we learn everything we need to be effective in our job, they sometimes forget that we should be working together.

There have been times that we are given assessment/s which covers topics we have not yet discussed in class. Yes, we have the Online Reference Guide and Online Learning Guide to help us; however, each person would have a different interpretation of the material. Yes, it’s common sense, but we have to understand that not everyone thinks alike. I also understand that we are all adults, but again, we also have different learning styles.

Again, everything goes back to making sure that before the start of the training class (not just session), a training agenda is always ready. It doesn’t mean that we have to follow it to the dot but it’s something to guide us through the whole training process. As I see it now, we are sometimes left hanging if trainers need to join a meeting or a conference call. I completely understand that since we’re in the midst of a migration, a lot of things have to be done; however, trainees are left with nothing to do. Not everyone would have the initiative to study the topics which we haven’t covered yet. Some would browse through the systems, others would take the time to sit back and just relax, while some others would do whatever they wish. We are all adults, it is harder to impose rules and by saying that, it doesn’t mean that we don’t like rules. It’s just that if no one would lay out what we’re supposed to do, then we won’t know.

Another issue is systems. It’s hard to absorb and understand information if we don’t have access to the systems (e.g. some CVG Portal links, AMS, etc.) Again, I understand where the challenge is coming from, but then again, I hope they also understand that we are also under pressure as much as they are. We can probably utilize workarounds for system issues, maybe create screenshots or simulations for us so that we’ll understand better.

Also, the setup of the training room (if it really is a training facility), is not very conducive and effective for learning. The U-setup is fine, but not everyone can properly see the screen if they’re staying at the back. The cables are also causing a lot of mishaps and this may cause more safety issues in the future if this continues. I believe the company would be able to come up with a better workaround to ensure that everyone is safe. In the past two weeks, we have also experienced a lot of power interruptions in the training room, and I believe that it isn’t very safe if this ensues.

We have also encountered a lot of confusion with the tagging of the computers. Shouldn’t this be done by IT staff? If they are understaffed, then we could’ve done a workaround like disregard the original tag numbers and just make sure that whatever stations we have been assigned to are properly labeled with our names. We are not complaining but what if we mishandled one of the equipment? We are not IT professionals, and if damage was done, then we may be at fault.

Lastly, we are about to go on nesting in the next few days, and I still feel under-equipped. We still have a lot to know about HR Admin and Benefits and we are very grateful for all the efforts they have put in. But we’re still not very confident since there are still a lot of information to cover. Like what I have mentioned earlier, there are still systems we don’t have access to. And knowing how these systems work is very important. If there is really no way to have access to some of the systems, at least provide us with screenshots so that we can be familiar.

There are a lot of challenges. I hope that they would just understand that we are all in the same boat here, and as much as we try to understand them, we also need them to try and place themselves in our situation.

At the end of the day, we are still the front-liners; we get the beating first before anyone else.


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