I usually start the week with a bang - in a good way.

Today is an exception, though. While I was and still am in a good mood, the weather wasn't cooperating well.

I usually spend Sunday nights awake to keep up with my social networking and other online obligations, haha. Since I work at night, I sleep in the afternoon until (usually) well into the night to prepare my body clock for the work-week.

I do all my household chores - cleaning, laundry, culinary experiments, etc during Sunday morning and Sunday evening until Monday early morning. The past two weekends have been good to me, all my laundry has been dried up without leaving unwanted kulob smell.

But today was different. I spent Sunday night doing the things I usually do - laundry, culinary experiment, going online, watch tv.. I hoped that the sun would come out even though I knew that there was an impending super typhoon on the way. I still tried to hang my clothes in the (futile) attempt to dry them. I left my jeans and jackets soaking in the basin for later.

So yeah, it was a failed attempt. I have yet to find out if they dried out well without smelling bad. We'll see when I get home.

Okay, fine. I'm mababaw. Just cos the sun didn't come out and my laundry didn't dry out well, I feel bad na agad. Well, not really. It's just that I don't like it when my little world gets disrupted and the normal order of things is changed.

Hmm, is this a sign of being a control freak? Maybe so.

Same thing happens to me when I don't get the expected result of something I do.

Case in point:
I hate it when I plan to wear something and then I set out on preparing everything - iron, match accessories and shoes, etc. And then when I finally put them together or when I'm finally ready to go, I don't like what I'm seeing in the mirror. Or I suddenly feel that it doesn't fit my mood for the day.

Yeah, I'm weird like that.

So... I feel like throwing my Monday (that's Monday night to Tuesday morning for normal people) out the window just because the sun didn't come out.

(And oh, how I'd trade work for sleeping and cuddling cos of the bed weather. :p)

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