The last few weeks have been crazy for me. I just started working again after three months. I am still adjusting to the night shift schedule, the new people, company culture... and a whole lot of things.

The biggest issue would probably be trying to fit in normally. I don't have any issues about going back to square one, back to the bottom of the corporate ladder. It's fine, that's less responsibilities for me at almost the same pay. Hah.

You see, we're still working together. In the same class. As trainees. And I just can't act normally around him. He tells me that he's acting normal but I know he's not. It's just different. I hate it.

There have been times that I've doubted this decision but it's too late and I'm not one who gives up. I don't like quitting. I am not a quitter. Maybe all I'm looking for is an assurance that this is worth it.

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