I can't believe the year is almost over.

Does time really go that fast or am I just dreaming?

We're about to end the month and there's only a month left before we bid adieu to 2010 and say hello to 2011.


With that in mind, I can't believe I'm turning 25 in, hmm, 32 days.

The -ber months can really bring nostalgia.

These are the times when I really wish I were back in my old dorm in UP and just relive the good ol' days.

I don't know what UP has that just makes me nostalgic.

There's this certain magic that I can't explain, but it always makes me feel like very comfortable.

It's like sleeping with my favorite blanket and pillow when I was still a kid. Or staying in bed while the rain spatters outside my window. Or eating my favorite cake when I'm feeling down.

It's something very familiar. And something so special I won't mind doing anything just to be there again.

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